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Tony Chipelo says:
Hi Ed,

I'm in a bit of a quandry right now. I sold my K&K TVC that used S&B MkI transformers. Part of the reason I did this is that the way I had Kevin Carter build it was not conducive to adding his phono board to the chassis. Long story but suffice it say his point was well taken. So I have been speaking to Kevin Carter and John Chapman about building a custom AVC for me with the K&K basic MM phono board. John is now using a custom winding of the Slagle autoformers. The project is doable, but would probably result in a two-box solution.

My question is have you compared the Slagles to the S&Bs? I have heard that one benefit a TVC provides is galvanic isolation. Is that really a big deal? Are there any other benefits? What are the benefits of an AVC? My main concern is noise and hum, but I trust John and his work so I don't think he'd go down the path of using the Slagles if the end result was not as good or better than the S&B solution.

On another note are there benefits to using a c-core transformer? I have a slight curiosity about the Promitheus c-core TVC, but am hesitant to jump on it. Have you heard this or another c-core design? Lastly, I like the custom wood work. If things fall through with John on this project any chance I can commission you to build something for me?

Thanks for your time,

March 21st, 2008 , 8:03 am